Tuesday, 1 November 2011


India the land of compromises. here you cant live your will, you have to initiate according to the situations , parents and other unnecessary family members , those poke there nose with no reason of acceptance . They say they care, hell!! who the f*** cares for any one in this time of life.well. All your span of life is about to end in a time period of 40 to 50 years , the golden period will go and never come back . 

This is the time to make it count , to live your life king style. Accelerate to the maximum , because in this country if you wanna stay prosperous you have to develop a status in the society . A society that never understand kindness , generosity and love. Well there is no love left since they introduced money.

Do you have a sedan ? Do you have i phone? Do you go for disk and pubs ? have gf/bf ? NO ? Then you not the part of the society. You don't belong to respect . You are poor , and the only thing that want to see you is foreigners , they come India to see poor people , to see you .

Do you want to be in the league of non status people. You may proceed to the life you live . But if you want to be a part of society , you want to gain respect , you want to create or enter your name your profile in the list of the known you have to take risks . High toll risks

social status is the honor or prestige attached to one's position in society . 
Social status, the position or rank of a person or group within the society.
Social statuses meaning also what the individual acquires during his or her lifetime as a result of the exercise of knowledge, ability, skill and/or perseverance bank balance.

Status inconsistency is a situation where an individual's social positions have both positive and negative influences on his or her social status. For example, a teacher may have a positive societal image (respect, prestige) which increases their status but may earn little money, which simultaneously decreases their status.

SO your biggest worry should be how to improve your status , rather how to gain the basic needs of life ( food , shelter and cloths ).
If you will able to improve your status , the B.needs will come to youir door steps. 

SO  start thinking in the the manner that will NAME  you in the future when you will not be here in the world.

The problem you will face can be graet , may be you have to leave your family that dream your life as some thing normal.
youir loved once , those interfere . 

But in india the biggest resistance is the opportunity lacking, this is only and only dew to the population .
It is like mushroom can be and will be any where and every where .
even for a job of 5000 bugs there are lacks of application forms . So it is a tough job for Indian HR's.

"Too many of us look upon Americans as dollar chasers. This is a cruel libel, even if it is reiterated thoughtlessly by the Americans themselves."
Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)


Monday, 10 October 2011

the facebook age

This is the age of Facebook. It is now one of our basic needs in life ensuing with food,clothes and shelter.No one  is interested in reading news papers or magazines they go Facebook or Google for there knowledge. Why go for books if you can get them threw some clicks , why go for news if you can get them on your Wall. No one now runs for publishing his views on papers and mags the Status update it. FB made life too much easy to suvive. If you are not on Facebook , you cannot surpass.
Not just news and books , relationships have also gone online. In fact relationships are now on Facebook. If you are finding love , search for the Group,Pages and Communities,they will provide you the matches of opposite sex and even the same as well. People fall in love online,they date online and even plan future with Comments and Likes. No one now go for friends at there houses or parks the meetup in Groups and Chat in there,also play the games on Zyngya. Why to go for hardware's if you have softwared them on our laps.
Art and artist now don’t arrange seminars or exhibitions the just post there creation and are loved by Views and Likes. Pics come threw Picasa and Bucket,poem threw write on Wall and articles are eBooked. Carry what ever you like on iPads and watch and read them on the move.the end of theaters.
Wanna buy some thing , lets vote for it and post some queries. Selling do it eBay will get you good prize. At home and at work ,attachment with the natural air is broken by the closed walls of  air conditioner room. No chirping and and neighbourhood noises. And one day every thing will be cutoff from life , mechanics will see its downfall and multimedia will proceed.
If you are happy Facebook it,sad Facebook it. You just laughed Facebook it. Even if you feel scratching lets Facebook it. From  dawn till we sleep our life is being updated on Facebook.  We are the slave of Facebook will be remembered by user name like me Niyo. Niyo , named after my character in a game , is now my identity.
Believe it or not but every one from lover to enemy, from parents to children , good to evil and every thing is in a common relationship now the facebook relationship. The largest religion on earth founded by Mark Zukerburg,will be treated as angel sent from god to give us a gift called `` FACEBOOK “.


Sunday, 9 October 2011

letter to generation after 2012

letter to generation after 2012
dear 2013 genration,
                                        Welcome to the world.its beautiful , it was when our forefathers evolved,and it was worst before we died.
The only reason it transformed from best to worst is evolution. Evolution , you will never see happening it,it has slow rate but has a rate.
With evolution ,evolved minds . great minds ,they made great discoveries and inventions.they made life easy and better on earth.
Nature was happy watching us grow,it was like father to us .
Every thing falled into place ,we discovered energy ,used it.We discovered motion,we moved.made us faster then tiger on land,sail better
then fish in and on water and fly like birds,even better.but it was not end we made wonders,architectures,routes and many more
better things.Every one was happy with themselves,with nature.rains,breezes,sun and moon,air and oxygen,mountains and plains
rivers and sand,ice and water,and yes we found love.
Then we evolved further this time we found population,smoke,diseases,drains,floods,heat and cold.
Darkness which was absence of light,bad that was absence of good , religions,borders,army,weapons,jealous,annoying...and many more things with absence of nature.
we started poking nature,beared.We started entering in its house,beared.And then we crossed the limit ,we started distroying it.we forgot
nature was our creator,and can distroy us.Which it does.
It grabed us by the wrist and dragged us out of the world,it distroyed every creations.Nature have friends air,water,land and fire .So ,with there help
He took on us every action it can,as it took to help us making this world better.This time there were earthquakes,droughts,drains,fire,endless tsunamies
.They came , they attcked, they made us dead.
There was no time to save any thing or any one ,it all went in seconds.Every discovery and invention was a fail, when nature called it end.
Few survived ,waited but no fire of start again.
When you will enter you will found every thing normal,beautiful and scope to discover and invent.But do not repeat what we did,never cross the limts
limits should be defined.Dont believe in God , believe in your self,only God is, nature.Keep it safe keep it quite keep it healthy,intruptions in natures way
will lead your downfall.It will be too late if you will not concern about it from today.but dont keep waiting keep doing.
Give your hand to nature it will feel like heaven.Take every night to carry threw,dont be lost in rains,keep finding ,never let go the only best thing we discovered
do well,dream well

yours previous