Sunday, 9 October 2011

letter to generation after 2012

letter to generation after 2012
dear 2013 genration,
                                        Welcome to the world.its beautiful , it was when our forefathers evolved,and it was worst before we died.
The only reason it transformed from best to worst is evolution. Evolution , you will never see happening it,it has slow rate but has a rate.
With evolution ,evolved minds . great minds ,they made great discoveries and inventions.they made life easy and better on earth.
Nature was happy watching us grow,it was like father to us .
Every thing falled into place ,we discovered energy ,used it.We discovered motion,we moved.made us faster then tiger on land,sail better
then fish in and on water and fly like birds,even better.but it was not end we made wonders,architectures,routes and many more
better things.Every one was happy with themselves,with nature.rains,breezes,sun and moon,air and oxygen,mountains and plains
rivers and sand,ice and water,and yes we found love.
Then we evolved further this time we found population,smoke,diseases,drains,floods,heat and cold.
Darkness which was absence of light,bad that was absence of good , religions,borders,army,weapons,jealous,annoying...and many more things with absence of nature.
we started poking nature,beared.We started entering in its house,beared.And then we crossed the limit ,we started distroying it.we forgot
nature was our creator,and can distroy us.Which it does.
It grabed us by the wrist and dragged us out of the world,it distroyed every creations.Nature have friends air,water,land and fire .So ,with there help
He took on us every action it can,as it took to help us making this world better.This time there were earthquakes,droughts,drains,fire,endless tsunamies
.They came , they attcked, they made us dead.
There was no time to save any thing or any one ,it all went in seconds.Every discovery and invention was a fail, when nature called it end.
Few survived ,waited but no fire of start again.
When you will enter you will found every thing normal,beautiful and scope to discover and invent.But do not repeat what we did,never cross the limts
limits should be defined.Dont believe in God , believe in your self,only God is, nature.Keep it safe keep it quite keep it healthy,intruptions in natures way
will lead your downfall.It will be too late if you will not concern about it from today.but dont keep waiting keep doing.
Give your hand to nature it will feel like heaven.Take every night to carry threw,dont be lost in rains,keep finding ,never let go the only best thing we discovered
do well,dream well

yours previous